Christopher Lloyd has had a broad and comprehensive career both as a journalist, writer
and as a general manager in the education business.

He graduated from Peterhouse, Cambridge in 1991 with two scholarships and a double
first-class degree in History.

Christopher Lloyd then became a graduate trainee journalist on The Sunday Times
newspaper and was trained at the City University.

In 1993, Lloyd was appointed The Sunday Times Innovation Editor.

A year later he became Technology Correspondent for The Sunday Times and won the
1994 Texaco award for Science Journalist of the Year.

After five years on The Sunday Times Christopher Lloyd moved into the management of News
International, publisher of The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun and News of the World.

In 1996 he launched the first Internet edition of The Sunday Times and
became its Internet editor.

In 1997 Christopher Lloyd co-founded LineOne, a joint venture Internet Service business
owned by BT and News International and became its editorial director.

In 1999 he returned full time to News International and proposed the development of a
network of internet related businesses that would help transfer News Corporation’s offline
newspaper assets onto the Internet.

His last appointment at News International was as a director with responsibility for
setting up a database marketing division called NI Connect.

During his time at News International Christopher Lloyd qualified in direct marketing with
a Cert DM from the Institute of Direct Marketing.

In January 2001, after 10 years with News International, Lloyd was recruited to become
chief executive of Immersive Education, an education software publishing company based
in Oxford.

In 2006 he left Immersive Education to spend time travelling around Europe with his wife and
two children, both of whom are home-educated. The time spent on the road travelling around
Europe inspired him to come up with the concept of What on Earth Happened?

He returned in late summer of 2006 and completed writing the first part in December 2006.

Christopher Lloyd is now a regular columnist for Resurgence Magazine on a range of
environmental, political and lifestyle topics.