The first 4 activity sets are now in production!
activity set

Activity booklet  with mini wooden coloring pencils in a jewel case.






Format:       Jewel case: 140x124x9 mm



                  Activity booklet: 120x120


Activity booklet cover: CMYK

Activity booklet pages: Black/white

Page number: 16 pages

Number of illustrations: 14


Description and possiblities:

“Farver & Fornøjelser” is a mini activity set with 24 mini wooden coloring pencils and
a 16 page activity booklet. It contains a number of fun drawings, which are to be finished,
and a couple of small fun games.


“Farver & Fornøjelser” mini activity set is a nice and easy way to have a good time.
It is easy to bring along on trips, car rides, on vacations or where ever a little entertainment
may be needed.


“Farver & Fornøjelser” will be produced on demand in different editions for both boys and girls.

activity set

activity set