New cover!

wallbook cover

13.7 billion years beautifully illustrated on a unique 2.3 metre-long timeline
featuring more than one thousand pictures and captions...

Depicts millions of years of evolution, the rise and fall of civilisations,
one hundred of the top battles and, on the reverse, the story of planet,
life and people from the Big Bang to the present day.

The What on Earth? Wallbook is an exhilerating journey through the past. 



Reads like a book or hangs on a wall.....

"A truly impressive example of information deployment... Such is the cleverness of the layout though,
that at any one point in the story you can see what was happening at the same time elsewhere on the planet....
a truly epic undertaking, in terms of layout, typography, design and sheer scale of ambition."
Christopher Middleton, The Daily Telegraph